WOO HOO! 100,000+ Views on My ‘Almost Famous’ Blog!

My first-ever blog Almost Famous By De’s Fault reached a milestone a couple of days ago: 100,000+ views.  That’s pretty darned amazing. Who could have guessed, when I started it four or five years ago, that it would receive this kind of attention. It just goes to show you how popular DeForest Kelley remains in the minds and hearts of fans around the world nearly fifteen years after his passing on June 11, 1999.

Not that Almost Famous is a blog that’s 100% about De (yet). But by the time I get this site fully underway and the germane posts (about word-smithing) moved from Almost Famous to here  and other stuff deleted or shuttled to other venues, eventually it will be 100% about De-related information and happenings. I’ll use Almost Famous to update fans about the upcoming DeForest Kelley Up Close and Personal from the Fan Who Knew Him Best, slated to debut in 2016 during Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.

This blog is for prospective clients to get a chance to meet me (virtually) and for current clients to stay abreast of what’s happening with me on the professional front. It will also have a behind-the-scenes FOR YOUR EYES ONLY opt-in spot for copywriters (pros and newbies) where I’ll share my insights and hard-won wisdom about how to write riveting copy and make a living as a professional copywriter. That option will eventually be monetized. (The precious,  irreplaceable time that I spend blogging has to pay for itself somehow.)

A lot of Creatives have a Donate page that lets subscribers donate funds to the person they’re following. One of my professional friends (a local networker and power partner) has a site where she asks readers to pledge whatever they decide on a monthly basis to help her along. This idea resonates  with me; it would be a way to monetize (to some small degree) the time I spend writing blog posts. I’m just not sure how many (if any) of my readers would pledge even two dollars a month; y’all are used to hearing from me and getting my take on things FREE. (My storefront blog posts will always be free. You’d just have the option to donate. So … would you, if you had the option? I’m asking!)

IF 100 readers, for example, pledged just two dollars a month, the $200 would do me a lot of good, so I’m considering it–but  I’d like to know your thoughts before I even consider it further.

Updating my storefront blog (and other necessary pages) as often as I’d like will take time (a significant chunk of my life, which I can never get back) and this factor weighs on me when it comes to deciding how to spend my rare, spare time.

Of course, I’ll almost always be writing in my spare time (big surprise there, huh?) but it could be books rather than blog posts. And the books would cost readers money and be less interactive. (I still have at least three books in me that want out.)

So I’m torn.  Social media is a venue that I love even though it takes precious time every time I partake and interact. I put myself on a 15-minute timer when I’m on Facebook (usually twice a day)  and on a 60-minute timer when I blog so I make sure I don’t ‘socialize’ my work days away. But one-to-one time with y’all means a lot to me and I don’t want to stop doing it “just” to make the money I need to survive. I need money (we all do) but it never has been (and never will be) the be all and end of my existence–which is why I’m not where I should be financially this close to the end of my working days. (May my working days never end for as long as I’m able to think clearly and string words together! I love what I do with all my heart!)

I’ve followed my passion the past seven years and it’s paying off well enough but it isn’t even close to making me feel financially secure. I just thank God that I don’t have expensive habits or crave a lofty lifestyle!  I can make a living as a writer and copywriter as long as I stay well physically and mentally and remain well-grounded. I’ve never felt the need or the desire to “keep up with the Joneses”, drive a fancy car or wear expensive clothes, so I can survive well enough as an ‘almost-famous’ author and copywriter for the foreseeable future .  Good thing–because I can’t even imagine going back to what I did before I decided to take on this adventure–and luckily, I don’t have to!

I’m doing what I love every single day. How cool is that? If you’re willing to support me by sending clients my way (see ‘My Ideal Client’ before you do this, please!) or by pledging a Kris’s Friends, Fans and Financial Funders monthly donation, let me know!



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