What Great Copywriters Do

Consider the power of words. Words have inspired great works of art, terrible acts of war, and selfless acts of love. According to Genesis, God’s words created the universe and everything in it.

 What kind of world are you creating with the words you use to tell people what you have to offer them?

 The true value of a professional copywriter can’t be calculated and should never be underestimated.

  • A great copywriter is a wordsmith, a transformer, a magician, a spellbinder.
  • A great copywriter dances with words, distills benefits into compelling, converting talking points, clarifies hard-to-understand technical issues.
  •  A great copywriter builds brands, creates memorable slogans and taglines.
  •  A great copywriter sells, tells, compels, and propels the people who want or need your product or service.
  • A great copywriter knows how to approach your prospect and blow in his or her ear, knows how to create a little romance and intrigue.
  • A great copywriter knows that social media is no place to behave like a bull in a china shop. Social media is 98% or more about building relationships of trust and affection, not lining pockets with  wads of Ben Franklins.

Great copywriters don’t offer their services at bargain basement prices. When they do work for less or pro bono, it is out of the fullness of their hearts for causes or people they know and feel compelled to serve out of a commonality of purpose or an abiding friendship.

Because I specialize in serving start-ups and small businesses, I understand your financial challenges and keep my rates low as I can because I want to help!

Most professional copywriters charge $1 to $3 per word. (That’s no typo–per word.) Contact me for my hourly rates. (I usually write upward of 500 words per hour for substantially less than most pros charge.)

 Hire a wordsmith whose wisdom works wonders

  Please carefully consider what you’re getting when you choose me to serve you. You’ll get my absolute best efforts based on years of study, practice, and experience—nothing less.

How can I help you win today?


Word Whisperer Kristine M. Smith is an exemplary provider of top-quality web copy and web content services for entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-size businesses.

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