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Spent a couple of fun hours last night with Rhonda Wilson, Lisa Twining Taylor and Heidi Smith while Rhonda cut our hair. I feel five pounds lighter and a whole lot more presentable!  (Not quite as presentable as the Kris in the portrait behind me with Doctor McCoy, but those days are long gone!


Just before Rhonda cut my hair and put it up in clips, she soaked it in the sink.  When I got to the chair, I essayed my finest Red Skelton impersonation by fluffing it out in god-awful angles and threatened to go into his “Gertrude and Heathcliff” seagull routine.  I didn’t get very far.  I lost my audience to gales of laughter just for striking the pose so I couldn’t continue… I broke up!  (In that, too, I was just channeling Red Skelton. He often broke up when his audience did!)

Photo courtesy of  Heidi Smith
Photo courtesy of Heidi Smith

We had a good time.   Heidi told us that a bridal place in Lakewood has closed down and that it’s offering a lot of great stuff at bargain basement prices.  It’s located in that little shopping center where the Goodwill Store is, not a stone’s throw (as I recall) from The Little Church on the Prairie (if I recall the name of the church right; it has been years since I lived in Lakewood). If you know where UPS/Kinko’s is, you’re in the right neighborhood.

Heidi has bought quite a lot of the bridal shop’s goods to re-purpose for her Christmas company. Her twin sister will be coming down from Canada soon to help her prepare for the Christmas rush by assembling all of the creative ideas they come up with.  Their products truly are beautiful.

Heidi showed us how she created a horse head Christmas wreath (she had photos of the process on her cell phone).  Lisa and I both said, almost at the same instant, “Do a Christmas goat wreath, too!  There are so few places that have goat things and there are gazillions of goat lovers in our area!”  So she’s going to see what she can do with that idea, too.

Heidi gave me a Taj Mahal of a cat scratching edifice that her husband built.  I can’t wait for the cats to discover it.  I’ll get some catnip to lace it with so they realize it’s for them and then it will probably segue from a work of art to a work of…cat claws!!!  But the scratching part is replaceable, so that’s okay. That’s why it was created–for cats to scratch. It looks like it’ll last for a long, long time…

Rhonda’s husband, John of Big John’s Oil and Lube in Midland, came in shortly after Lisa and I arrived. He has lost 50 pounds and is a mere shadow of his former self. I told him he’s going to have to re-brand as “Tiny” if he keeps this up!  But he won’t really need to re-brand.  He has a big heart, big muscles and big talent as an auto repair guy, so Big John will still fit!

Not long after John got home, John Hall of American Family Insurance stopped by to see him. They disappeared into the bowels of the house and we never saw them again. (Big John might have been relieved to have an excuse to escape the hen party, for all I know–but he didn’t let on!)

Heidi headed home just about the time Lisa got into the chair. Lisa has thick, curly hair, which she hates (the curly part) (and we envy) so getting it cut strategically so it would behave ever after was Rhonda’s challenge last night.  She did a magnificent job!

In Other News…

Yesterday at 723 Building Business  I met the woman who is going to help me select my Medicare plan in December. Her name is Katheryn Evans of Strategic Sound Solutions, Inc. Her office is in Puyallup. I’m giving you her information because she is the full meal deal. She’s an insurance broker and financial adviser.

I was so impressed by Katheryn’s knowledge of the ins and outs of the various Medicare plans that are available here in Washington. She and I have already narrowed my options from a myriad to just three from the Original Medicare plan. I’m healthy (at least, right now–and have been  all my life) so I don’t have to worry about expensive prescriptions and stuff like that.

I’m so excited that I’ll be able to go to someone who can explain (already has, pretty much, in fact!) without making my mind go crazy.  I’ve been dreading the thought of having to analyze the dizzying array of options.  I feared making a huge blunder because I just don’t know enough about Medicare, and don’t really want to take the time to become an expert on it before deciding.  She was so straightforward and helpful. She handed out information that clarified so much for me.  She’s amazing!

What else?  Next week I’m going to be touring the Tacoma Rescue Mission (TRM) with Candace Thompson of Wild Child Group and Face2Face.  The TRM is going to be the first non-profit that Face2Face throws a spotlight on.  (They’ll choose and spotlight a local non-profit every three months.)  I’ve already heard great things about TRM. People have gone from there into college–even to Harvard–and become doctors and other well-regarded professionals. I’ll find out more about this next week and share more. Maybe I’ll take some photos, too…

Guess that’s all the news that’s fit to print at this moment! Enjoy your day! If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours and see what happens!



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