“In almost every instance where potential clients visit my website to find out about me for the first time, they end up coming through my door, convinced that I’ll be the perfect provider to help them. Kristine M. Smith’s copy (hireme.wordwhisperer.net) and Lisa Twining Taylor’s web design (DancingGoatWebDesign.com) have made all the difference. My last website didn’t convert anywhere near as well as my new site does. Thanks, Kris and Lisa!” – Debbie G., BodyBeautifulSkinCareandMassage.com


“Kristine is truly a “Word Whisperer”; her ability to craft words into a targeted message that relays the correct information is incredible. Her knowledge of wordsmithing is an art form. She will no doubt add to your bottom line with her talents. Thank you, Kris!” – Eli Struck, Enlighting Struck Design LLC
“To you Kristine M. Smith, I am honored and so delighted working with you. You did tremendous work on my website and manuscript. You are a rough diamond polisher, you always over-deliver.” – Dr Matondo Wawa, Purpose Investment Group

“Kristine helped edit my short essays for Physical Therapy school and the service she provided was astounding. Not only did she correct 5 short essays but she returned them to me on the same day and made them phenomenal. I will definitely refer her and keep her in mind for future products. –JJ R., Houston, Texas, Sept 22 2015

“Super responsive and professional work.” — About the Author page, Leigh Brown, RE/MAX Sept 21, 2015

“Great work!” — Customer Story Editor, Mark, Sept 19, 2015

“YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I love the title that you came up with for my new book and the back cover copy is incredible! I can’t wait to get a cover designed now! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!” — Dr. Tony Brooks — May 25, 2015

“How could one review possibly do her justice? It can’t… She is that amazing.

“She edited my entire book, helped me come up with a title AND wrote a back cover that absolutely jumps off the page. All I can really say is that I will use Kristine for every edit/ copy edit job I have both personally and professionally. She knocked it out of the park!

“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” — Tony Brooks, May 27, 2015

“Always excellent!! I’ve been working with businesses for over 20 years and copy writing has always been frustrating for marketing and Kris is so easy to work with and she GETS it on the first go around. What an AMAZING gift. YES! jaw dropping worthy!” –Candace Thompson, Wild Child Group Ltd., Puyallup WA

“Kristine is wonderful to work with and is always looking out for the interest wanting to be conveyed to my customers via our Website. I will continue working with her as we add content to our site.” — Craig Hartmann,  March, 2015

“Kristine exceeded my expectation. She was able to deliver exactly what she promised, listened carefully to what my needs were and had no problem doing a few adjustments until we had perfection with the final project” —Rick Evans, March, 2015

“Kristine was efficient, communicative and delivered excellent service. I would definitely work with her again. She brought a confident expertise to the job that I very much appreciated.” –Andrea Nakayama, February, 2015

“Kristine wrote content for my website. It looks crisp, it has power words and call to action phrases at the end. I love what she’s done for me.” Leanne Pusateri, Sweet Relief Acupuncture

“I work for a small business platform, and I worked with thought leadership blog post that Kristine authored for us.

“Kristine possesses an attention to detail I’ve rarely seen in working with other copywriters. In addition, she not just easy to work with, but a true pleasure. I liken it to working with a professor: she is patient, kind in her feedback, and expert in her skills.

“What’s more: her tips for writing customer emails were so well received by our users that it was one of our most popular blog posts so far! I hope to publish more posts from Kristine, because her advice really helped our users.” Devin Bramhall, Alignable.com
“I’ve used Kris for copy writing and copy editing for many years on many different projects. She is amazingly talented, works super fast, always on schedule and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I definitely recommend Kris.” David Levine, Uncle Bobs Money and more.
“I have long appreciated Kristine Smith’s skill with words. She applies her marketing chops to her copy to make it sizzle.” Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Author, Frugal Book Promotion and more.
“Kristine did editorial work on a manuscript for me, and did such a great job the first time, that I used her again on the next manuscript I published. She is very professional and will work with your needs and goals in mind. She will offer suggestions and collaborate if you ask her for her professional opinion, otherwise she will do exactly what you have requested in a high-quality, efficient manner. I highly recommend Kristine for any copywriting or copy-enhanced work!” Pastor Jason Whitehurst, A New Look at the Big Ten [Commandments], Uncovering Their Relevance to Every Generation
“Kristine is a true professional and an absolutely amazing wordsmith. I consider myself great with grammar but lack some of the creative flair. She has a way of making words pop and really catch a reader’s attention. I will definitely be using her again on any future projects and would HIGHLY recommend her! Thanks Kris!” Chris Stayton

“Wow, this is fantastic!” Eric Pankey Jr. (Re: Rewrite of “7 Crucial Questions” page)  January 20, 2105

“We have received great creative solution writing from Kristine, all objectives that we set were met, and in some cases exceeded. She assisted us with re-writing our homepage and our services page in a more conversational, less robotic “boring” tone and promoted our brand in a very positive and inviting style. She got the job done, quickly, economically, and professionally. I highly recommend her service and look forward to future projects.” — Bill Lone January 19, 2015

“Kristine rewrote my entire web page, all 11 pages for Big Johns Oil and Lube Auto Repair. She also took the time to show how weak the SEO copy was written and explained in detail how they work and why they work . It was like having my English teacher in grade school standing right beside me. I felt confident that Kristine was going to have my web page working for me rather than against me . Kristine’s understanding and knowledge of the how and the why everything has to work together (key words) made a big difference in driving business our way. Kristine was knowledgeable and patient and understood our frustration. The other writers we had talked with seemed uninterested in educating us or did not seem to have the passion or concern to get to know us on a personal level . I truly appreciate the dedication and drive that Kristine had in straightening things out for us. She went above and beyond in many ways . I would definitely use Kristine again to write my web page now and in the future. You will find none more efficient or detailed as Kristine. I would highly recommend Kristine for all of your writing needs. Whether it is SEO or writing a book, she can make it happen in a blink of an eye. Thanks, Kristine .” — John Wilson, Owner, Big Johns Oil and Lube / Auto Repair, Tacoma WA January 6, 2015

“Kristine wrote for me about a very difficult subject that unless you experience it, it’s hard to understand and sometimes even when you experience it. I am talking about Craniosacral Therapy. I am located in Puyallup Washington.  What impressed me is the ability that Kristine has with words. She’s amazing with words. She has a genuine gift of making the exceedingly complex sound simple and elegant. She did a fantastic job for me and I would use her again and recommend her to anyone.” — Debbie G. December 28, 2014

(Side Note to the above testimonial: I wrote the copy for Debbie’s website, too. You can see it at bodybeautifulskincareandmassage.com.

“I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Kristine on a number of projects, to which all of them proved to provide amazing results. These projects varied from copywriting, editing a book, copy editing, all way to creative writing for unique, specialty products and services. Kristine is simply and completely AWESOME!” –John Fisher,  December 23, 2014

“Working with Kristine is always a pleasure. She always ask the right questions, and delivers home runs because she takes the time to find out the key information that’s needed to deliver the right content. We can’t say enough good things about her and the quality of her writing. She really know what she is doing. That’s why we keep hiring and referring her.” — Marco Henry, Fizara.com  December 23, 2014

“You are the word whisperer. Nicely done. You are a gifted writer and very thorough, while delivering the final project in a short period of time.” John B. Merz, Memory Haven, Sumner WA

“You have done a better job than I could have imagined.” — Chris Galbraith, Chuck’s Auto Repair, Seattle, WA

“Thanks a lot, looks great. You have gone above and beyond. I am thrilled!!!” –   Freedom Mawoyo, Wanangwa Consulting Ltd., Zimbabwe


“My wife and I are reading “Reality Marketing Revolution: The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Transforming Your Business By Building A Marketing Machine” and your questionnaire was right in line with all the information we have been gathering the past few months. Your questionnaire put you head and shoulders above everyone else who submitted a proposal. We knew you were asking all the right questions up front. We liked that, because you knew what information was needed to deliver the results we wanted. We realize that the questionnaire might have scared others away. You delivered a grand slam home run with your first draft. Working with you was so refreshing we look forward to a long lasting work relationship. Thanks a million!” —Marco Henry, Fizara.com


 “Kris is a great pleasure to work with. The response was very fast and the quality of the job extremely professional. Highly recommended” — Orlando, Wealth Coach


“Kris did an excellent job in articulating the purpose of our ministry in such a way that it is easy for people that need our services to recognise us as the solution they’ve been searching for.” — Bola Babarunde, The NewNatureWoman Ministries International, UK


“Ridiculously fast and on point. Will definitely use again (and again, and again, and again)!” R Dealto


“Soooo much better than the work I usually get from freelancers – work full of boring platitudes that I could have done better myself. If anyone here is hoping to be a professional writer but it takes you hours and hours to come up with a piece of unoriginal work that can be found all over the Net, then you’re in the wrong job. Kris is more expensive than articles I’ve had written by other people, but those cheap articles are now having to be reworked by me or chucked out.”  — Kris, UK (500-word article.)


“Best service around! I highly recommend her!” — Bent Iron Inc.


“She is an incredible writer. Use her for all kinds of projects. ” — Brian Hentschel


 “I love how you write, Kristine – I love taking the time to read what you do with what you are given. You amaze me! Thank you. I don’t think I could give higher praise to any vendor we use – and we have 20-30 that we use regularly. There are gifts that God gives that cannot be explained by any man or science – they are living examples of a miracle, tangible to even the highest skeptic. I wish I could convey this in your words – I hope I have. This is what I think each time you submit any writing to us. We are blessed to count you as a partner.”  – James Whelan, JCWhelan.com

“It is very well written and gets the main points across. Some people just know how to write, don’t they?” (from Whelan’s client, above)

“Kristine is indeed gifted. She offers her extraordinary copy writing skills to businesses and individuals that want what they say to POP! Kristine’s powerful wordsmithing turns browsers into buyers. Her lifelong experiences help connect, entertain and captivate the audience, which makes her a much sought after public speaker. Kristine does it all.” —Sharon Uhlig, Sharon Mae Photography, Auburn WA

“It was a pleasure to work with Kris. She not only did the job as per agreement, but made some critical suggestions with better final results. She is very creative and knew the subject matter. Will most definitely recommend her to anyone looking for quality written material. Will use again.” Jem777

“If I could have given Kristine a higher rating than this, I would have. Kristine’s work is fabulous. She knocked this one out of the park.” —schultzcomm

“Kris did a great job for me and even persisted when I fell behind on selecting a contractor. She had an extremely quick turnaround and I’m very happy with the finished product. Will use again! Thanks Kris for a job well done!” —businesscoach1

“Where have you been all of my “business-life?”  I LOVE it! You really know what your doing and your turn around is FAST! I want to thank you a MILLION times and I will be using you again and again for projects such as the two you’ve already completed for me.” —accountant2u

“Kristine was just awesome. She is truly a professional in all manner of speaking. She over delivered and exceeded all expectations of time and quality. I paid out a bonus too – as she deserved it – and we appreciated all of her efforts!” — Parrot Monk

“Kristine M Smith is an excellent writer and has an amazing talent for taking a hard topic, making it palatable to a wide audience and bringing home the main points. Beyond excellence! Great to work with and exceeds expectations. The quality of a master writer.” —Kunzie1

“5 Stars all the way. It’s always a great pleasure to work with someone who has a high quality standard for their work and only wants to produce the best products. Highly recommend” —dkmarketing

“Kristine is the best writer I have ever met. I received article of excellent quality. Highly recommended professional. Thank you very much!” — (Re: Web copy for a pickup truck rental site in Belize, Central America)

Kristine is an absolutely amazing writer. My business partner and i were amazed at how quickly she turned our project in, and how creative she is. “Impressive.”  (Re: About Us page and more)

“Quick, very responsive, professional, and good with words. My first experience and she was great. I would recommend and use again! ” — (Re: Sales Letter)

“Professional, prompt, perfectionist and a wonderful communicator. We will be using Kris’s talent again. Perfect provider, multi-talented. A+++” (Re: Marketing Kit Review and Edit)

Very happy with work from KristineMSmith.  We can hardly wait to work with Kris again.  She definitely understands what you are trying to communicate.  She is definitely talking to YOUR audience.  Thank you, Kris.  –Weir Publishing

“We’ve done well with some writers, programmers, and designers and crashed and burned with others. In the end I’ve learned you get what you pay for. You’ve been worth every penny and more. Please do not ever hesitate to use us for a reference via email or phone. Jim and I would love to sing your praises.” – Maureen Whelan,  JCWhelan, Brighton MI

Well I really don’t know how to say it. One and a special, caring and thorough. Did the work from A to Z for me!! MUCH !! more than My expectations !! Thank you so much ! — (PR writing ad submission-Israel)

“We love working with Kris. We’ve hired her for several projects and she always exceeds our expectations. Terrific communication, turn-around time and superior copy every time! ” — (Re: Website Copy)

“Instead asking – “How likely is it that you would recommend this contractor to a friend or a colleague?” I would ask “How lucky are you to have Kris write for you?” English is my second language, despite living in US for over 22 years. I can’t express my feelings what I want to say in American English. I can’t entice US consumer to come and buy from me or work for me. And let me tell you that Americans are the most picky crowds of all, so you can imagine. With Kris and her “wordsmith” work I do not need to worry that someone will try to correct me. And say who wrote this for you? in a bad manner. Instead they will ask who wrote this for you so I can ask her to write for me. So – I will answer Yes to the original question. And you are welcome to use my quote in all your needs. And you welcome to edit this Kris so I can see how bad I wrote this LOL no need to b shy. I can use free English lesson. Sincerely,” — (Re: Welcome Note, Website Copy)

“Working with Kris was great. Project started on Wednesday and was 100% completed on Friday. Less than 48 hours! If you need copywriting of any sort, you need Kris!” — (Re: telemarketing script)

“Wow! She is super fast, very professional and knowledgeable…Kris told me I would have the first draft by noon the next day, yet she delivered the same day! She was very on point with what I wanted, and she added a few tips for me to make this a great ad campaign. I will definitely be posting more jobs for her in the near future! You will not be disappointed with her work, her fees, nor her turnaround times. But please don’t take up all her time, I need her too! 🙂 Great job Kris, thank you!!” — (Re: 30 second voice ad script)

“It was a pleasure to work with Kristine again. Her work is exceptional, and her turnaround time is incredible! I highly recommend her!” — (Re cover letter for submitting manuscript)

“Kris is like fine wine she just keeps getting better and better:) I am afraid she may get so busy I won’t be able to keep working with her and I still have to tell the world you can’t get anyone any better than she is-thanks AGAIN for connecting us!” — (Re: writing/copy-enhancing blogs)

“I am delighted with the wonderful work that Kris produced for me. She had the job done within hours of contacting her. I highly recommend her and will use her for future work. Thanks Kris!” —(Re Sales copy)

“I was in a tight bind and needed the job done immediately — I only had a few hours to complete. Kris came to my rescue and did an amazing job: she didn’t cut any corners. Not only did she come through in a pinch, she kept a quality standard so high only a few can reach. ” — (Re: time-sensitive project)

“You are a one of a kind genius.  I love it, love, it love it. Excellent work. Your word pictures are equivalent to paintings by DaVinci. I had an instinct about you that you’ve very well confirmed.”  R.H. New York (Re: website copy.)

“I’ve read over the (revised) manuscript. Brilliant! Thank you for sharing your light and wisdom. I praise God that he set you in my path. Another miracle to record for me. I just wanted to thank you. I’m so happy that your love for the Lord caused you to gravitate toward my project and touch it like you did. 7 million thank yous would not be enough so I will give you 7 million and 1!”  (Re: manuscript editing/copy-enhancement)

“Hi everybody,

Over the past few years I have been looking for great copywriters to work with. As a non-native English speaker, that search has sometimes been frustrating, so I thought I’d share one with you that I really enjoy working with.

I found Kristine M. Smith. She does good work for me in incredible quick turnaround times for pretty much half of what I would pay here in Europe.

I hope this helps somebody else who needs good copy.


Taco Oosterkamp

P.S. Full disclosure: this is totally unsolicited; Kris did not ask for a reference and paid me nothing for this one. (Re: Website copy-editing and enhancement, email copy-editing and enhancement)

“I think you work too cheap, Kris; put your price up, you are worth it. When I posted the original job, I had 5 bids, one I didn’t rate very highly, two were of a similar price to yours [$240] and then there was this other fella who bid almost 700 bucks. I went with my gut in choosing you and I’m glad I did. I would’ve gone with you had you bid $400. I will use you every time going forward and will recommend you to anyone I know who needs a great copywriter. (Niall Flynn, Australia Re: sales landing page and e-book copy-editing and enhancement.)”

“Kris, Busy morning… but if I may curse for one sec and say HOLY SH*T! Wow, this is great stuff!!!!” (Re: Website Content Writing)

“A fantastic job. Kris was an enormous help. The job was completed early, and to a very high standard. Kris took the information I gave her about the product, the target market, and the talking points regarding the needs of my potential customers and incorporated them all in a concise and fast paced sales pitch, using language geared toward my target market. Upon seeing the first draft, my very few insignificant changes were carried out immediately and the final sales letter was returned with 26 hours of commencing the job. I would Highly Recommend Kris to anyone. ” (Re: sales page)

“Kristine is quick, honest and produces high quality content.” —

“I was extremely satisfied with the sales copy. It was very professional. It was done very quickly. Kris did a lot more than she was asked for and threw in lots of excellent free advice. I will definetly use Kris again. Barry (Ebook author)” — (Re: Sales Page Copy)

“Excellent Communication Skills. Exceed expectation for timely delivery and professionalism. Will continue use her expertise in my writings and editorial work. Thank You Kris. ” (Re Website Copy, Welcome Letter, Consultations)

“Kris did an excellent job on an extremely short deadline. I’m thrilled with her work.” (Re: Manuscript Editing)

“Kristine was amazing to work with. She over delivered completing the project almost within hours!!! Her communication, enthusiasm and writing ability make her one of the best providers I have worked with. I highly recommend!!! ” —(Re: Squeeze Page Copy)

“Kris exceeded our expectations. She was able to deliver way before schedule exactly what we wanted. We are technical and she was able to capture the essence of our expertise and deliver it for the layperson. We will work with her again for sure. Kris is great and extremely quick. She gives the best service and is so willing to do the best job possible. She is the best!” — (Re: Website Content/Sales Copy)

“Kris was super fast, super keen, super enthusiastic and kept me on my toes ! Above all though she was passionate about my project and this was felt and translated into great copy. I will be using Kris for quite some time I imagine.” —(Re: Product Description and Personal Testimonial)

“Kris is truly in tuned with the writing needs of my company. I love working with her. She is highly recommended. Thanks again Kris.” — (Re: Slogan, Tagline, Product Description)

“Kristine is awesome. She moves at the speed of light. I have used her three times now and her work is great” —(Re: Video Scripts)

“If a magical Wordsmith is what you need, then look no further. What a great energy to collaborate with! Brilliant is all I can say. Kris is a gifted consultant and wordsmith. She inspired me to perfection. I would love to work with her again! ”   Christian Author (Re: Sales Page and Manuscript Editing)

“Kristine is super fast, precise and creative. A+++ Thanks for the GREAT work!” —(Re: Website Content)

“I’m thrilled with the significant improvements Kristine made to the content of my landing/sales pitch page. What took me two paragraphs to explain she was able to eloquently state in just a sentence or two! Work was done within just a few hours of our agreement. She’s a complete professional. I’ll be back for assistance with my broadcast emails to my subscribers and for any future content work. I’m very pleased.” —(Re: Improve Copy of Landing Site Page)

“Fantastic work Kris – you produced excellent material from the little information we provided. You captured the spirit [of] our business and presented our work exceptionally well. Our team are now looking forward to updating more of their content. Very satisfied.” — (Re: Client Testimonial, Case Study, Sales Profile)

“Very professional. Thinks thoroughly before doing unlike others who just wants to do it for the money. Great sounding board and person to enhance work, pushes it to a new level. Full of ideas. Versatile. Strongly recommend!” —    (Re: Chinese Astrology Website Squeeze/Opt-in Page)

“Another great project and it was done in [what seemed like] minutes. You can’t beat the quickness. Will use again!!” — (Re: Telemarketing Script)

“Quality of work was very good right from the first draft. Extremely good with communication, too. Once I’d sent all relevant info for the job it was completed within hours, excellent! High quality work delivered quickly and at a great price, Highly recommended!” — (Re: Sales Page for E-book)

“What a provider, quick, professional and knowledgeable. If you need someone who is a great writer, communicator and knows a lot about writing on the web don’t go past Kris. 5 stars is not good enough try 5 stars ++++++++++” —mscmac (Re: web copy and content)

“Another great project. Kris’s writing is always great and she is very honest with her time spent on project and her bids. Will use again!!” —(Re: 300 word article)

“I absolutely love this provider! I have used her many times in the past and always go back for more! She is an excellent writer and copywriter; you will not find anyone better!” — (Re: blog posts, mission/vision statement/ ad copy)

“Kris is a pleasure to work with – super fast and the quality of her work is unbeatable.” (Re: copy enhancement of two articles)

“Kris, was very responsive with the project. She met all my expectations and completed the job and more on time! She was very prompt in replying to my msg’s (even if i wasn’t) 🙂 I would recommend her again Thank you Patrick Traynor ” — (Re: Profile writer)

“Thank you Kristine, This is the second job you have done for me and once again you did not disappoint!!! You would be a valuable asset to anyone’s team. Thank you for professionalism and patience. I highly recommend!!!!!!” — (Re: Introductory Email Letter)

“Thanks so much Kris! You have a real gift for writing, and I hope others take advantage of all the services you have to offer. Your turn around time is amazing, and the quality work really shines through. :)” — (Re Sales Page)

“By far the best! Work was done within a couple hours of accepting bid and my sales have jumped since I added the new content. Will use again!! ” — (Re: Two Press Releases, Web Content)

“I was tempted to leave bad feedback so I could keep Kris all to myself… Kris performed well above my expectations. She completed my assignment at light-speed, is an excellent writer, and was a joy to work with. A++!” — (Re: Sales page for new website)

“Kristine is one of the best providers I’ve ever come across. Couldn’t recommend her enough! We’re going to be working together for quite a while!” — (Re: Sales email copywriting)

“You simply can’t go wrong with Kris. Second time using her services and once again very happy. Not only that, the workload of the job was less then expected and Kris reduced her fee accordingly. Honesty like that is hard to find now a days!! Thanks again!!”

“Excellent work and very prompt with work carried out. Would recommend highly and will use again.” —(Re: Marketing Consultant)

“Kris has the ability to immediately “get” her customer and audience, and it was very easy to convey my objectives for the essay. She exceeded my expectations and was a pleasure to work with. ” —  (Re: Essay)

“Kristine is extremely professional and efficient… delivered quality work in a very short deadline. Kristine provided great advice and guidance and was flexible too by working with me to create something that truly reflected me and my style. Thank you, Kristine. ” — (Re Back Cover Sales Copy for Book)

“Kris not only produced an excellent product in record time and professional manner, she went the extra novel (“extra mile” for writers) by providing more content than requested and some very creative SEO ideas. ” (Re: Landing page copy)

“I have been seriously blessed to have met Kristine. She is honest, hardworking and very responsive. And she knows her craft. She is my number ONE supplier for copywriting….There are lots of work to conquer and she will be the first one to contact.” —(Re: Copywriting)

“Excellent writer, made the press release come to life. Not afraid to give her opinion on what might be a bad idea.” —(Re: Press Release)

 “Kristine work was excellent. She turned the work around very quickly and actually exceeded what we had asked. I will definitely be working with her again.” —(Re: Copywriting)

“Response was immediate. Turnaround was also quicker than expected [even though] expectations were ASAP. Nice, Friendly, even helped answer a few other questions I had about press releases. Will use again and would recommend to anyone. Thanks!” —(Re: Press Release)

“Thanks for the great work Kris! I will definitely work with you again sometime very soon! Thanks for taking such a great liking to my project, understanding it, and catering it to my needs. I am really proud of the piece you presented and greatly appreciate all of your efforts!” —(Re: PR for a New Website)

“Talking about being pleased. You were such an instrumental asset to work with ,contribution to our contents. Please know that your dedication and hard work are appreciated, and I look forward to our next opportunity to work together. Thank you again for sharing the expertise that helped bring this work to a positive conclusion.” — (Re: Web Content)

 “This was our first project and Kris made it a great one. She was very easy to work with, was always ready to make recommendations were needed, and was very timely with her work. We’ll definitely be using her again for our next project. ” —(Re: Website Copy)

 “I highly recommend this person as the quality and timeliness of the work is fantastic and I will be a repeat customer.” —(Re: Write and Format E-Book)

 “She delivered exactly what I wanted quicker than I thought it could be done.” — (Re: Speech for Company Christmas Party)

“Prompt, efficient and professional. She my expectations exactly and then some. Only shortly after receiving my talking points she had a rough draft to me and finished the project well before I needed it. I would recommend her to anybody and she can always expect my return business. Thank You Kristine!” —(Re: Biography Writing)

“Kris was absolutely amazing! She went above and beyond to get the work done. This was my first time ever hiring anyone online and I was so pleased BECAUSE of Kris! She did things with excellence, she was timely, she exceeded my expectations! Kris you rock! Thank you!” —  (Re: Press Release)

“Kris wrote a great article for my website. I am very satisfied with her work and her style of writing. Highly recommended to everyone. I will be back soon.” —  (Re: Marketing Article)

Uh… can I Say WOOOOOW! Great job. I love it. You really summed it up well. AMAZING value. Thanks. Your copy is excellent. I am shocked you did it in one morning… less than 12 hours after I hired you! — (Landing/Squeeze Page Copy)

“This feedback is about icing with yet another layer to her impressive array of feed backs she accumulated over the years: (1) Efficient and effective: Her every hour of work goes along way:I expected the job to finish 7-10 days but she was so efficient that she finished in 5 hours. Within that time frame she managed to transform my very roughly written (all jumble up and messy) draft to a well polished publishable document. This ability to untangling my messy document shows her ability to comprehend things very quickly and put things in orderly manner (This saves me a lot of time.); (2) High level of work ethic: She could have charge me the full amount we agreed but only charge me about half the amount. Her reason for charging only so much was backup by a mathematical calculation; (3) Quality of her work is second to none–excellent command of English; (4) Her No.1 priority is to do a good job first and make her customer happy, money comes second or third (5) I enjoy every moment working her (and thank her) will certainly would like to work with her again.” — (Re: Content editing and copy-enhancement)

Word Whisperer Kristine M. Smith is an exemplary provider of top-quality web copy and web content services for entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-size businesses.

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