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Why Hire a Professional Copywriter?


Thank you, Lisa Twining Taylor(Dancing Goat Web Design), for uploading my recent Rotary Speech (1-6-2015) to this website and to YouTube for me. Thank you, William Lee (Keeba and Lee Sales) for videotaping the presentation for me. It turned out great.

Clocking in at just under 17 minutes, the presentation  explains the added value of a hiring a professional copywriter. I was amazed to hear from people after the presentation that they had no idea of the additional insights and help that a professional writer can provide to help business owners and entrepreneurs take their outreach to the next level.

If you know of anyone else who might benefit from knowing this information, feel free to point them to this website or to my YouTube channel (WordWhisperer.NET). They will thank you for it… as I do!

P.S. My apologies that the video ends so abruptly, even though the presentation itself didn’t. There was an unwelcome interruption from an uninvited interloper (not a Rotary member, a Rotary member’s friend, or a friend of mine) at the point where Bill stopped videotaping. The videotaping wasn’t resumed after it occurred.

But you aren’t missing much.  Most of the things I covered occurred before the interruption happened. There were only a few additional follow-up questions. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what they were or I would list and answer them here for you.


You Might Need a Wordsmith If…

Kris Meme #17 You Might Need a Wordsmith If


If you might need a wordsmith if…

…you break into a cold sweat and your skin gets clammy every time you think about writing a

  • memo
  •  email
  • letter
  • proposal
  • article
  • web content
  • web copy
  • poem
  • speech
  • story
  • case study
  • white paper
  • blog

…English is your second (or third, or fourth) language or you learned U.K English and your target audience is in the U.S. where idioms, colloquialisms and some word spellings are noticeably different

…you’re too busy doing what you need to do to keep your business afloat to devote your time and energy to writing tasks

…you have the basics slapped onto a bullet list but don’t know how to transform the list into a compelling, relational, riveting piece of copy that will turn browsers into buyers

…you need someone to massage your marketing message to make sure it’s the best it can be before you publish it for the masses

…you’re in the dark when it comes to homophones (there/they’re/their, its/it’s, here/hear, where/ware/wear) and other grammatical niceties (then/than, antidote/anecdote, effect/affect, farther/further, etc.) and don’t want what you’ve written to expose you for the nerd bucket you fear you are

…you need a ghostwriter, developmental editor, or  storyteller to make sure that what you want to say gets told in the best possible way

…you want a writing partner who will stay for the long haul, get to know your product or service as well as you do, and make sure whatever goes out is as carefully-crafted as it needs to be to turn Looky Lou’s into loyalists.

An Abbrevated Excerpt from One of My “Almost Famous” Blog Posts

Because the information you’ll find below is germane to my clients and prospective clients, and because you may not be subscribed to “Almost Famous” I’m excerpting here another blog post that I wrote last month. (Sorry, I can’t get spaces to appear between paragraphs. I guess the cut-and-paste command doesn’t let me re-format the paragraphs after the fact.  I can see the spaces between paragraphs in the preview, but they don’t appear in the published version. GRRR! )

Best Marketing Book I’ve Ever Read REVEALED!

I’m reading what I consider the best marketing book ever — and I don’t make the claim lightly.
I’ve read an abundance of marketing books but this one takes all the guesswork out of the process. It’s called GET CLIENTS NOW! by C.J. Hayden. I’m devouring every word the first time through and am implementing it. It’s very, very good.  Because of all I’ve learned from Hayden’s book, I anticipate that I’ll be able to fill my pipeline (reliably get 20 hours of work per week, which is all I want so I can network and write, on- and off-line, the other 20 hours/week). Hooray!
I’ll be casting my net into new waters with bigger fish and getting away from appealing to bargain-basement shoppers who want to hire me to write stellar copy for next to nothing price-wise. (These are usually start-ups who don’t recognize the true value/ROI of compelling, converting copy.)
What I’ve learned from long experience (lots of it hard-won experience) is this: Do business with the individuals you know who have serious, dedicated passion for the ways in which they can serve you. You’ll get the best deals at the best prices — prices that will reliably serve you (without gouging you) for as long as you’re in business.
Best of all, the costs are often deductible as a part of doing business; you can write them off when tax time comes around. So there’s no downside to hiring a professional, as far as I can tell.
Cut costs where cutting costs won’t hurt your bottom line. Doing so will leave you enough to pay for the professional services that  increase your bottom line. Make sense?