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My Sub Domain Coming Online Soon

Lisa Twining Taylor (DancingGoatWebDesign.com) and I are in the final stages of getting my sub domain ready to roll out so that people who are looking for a reputable copywriter can go straight to it instead of coming  here. The new site will document my services, writing chops, and client testimonials . It’ll have a portfolio page so people can visit sites I’ve written the copy for, read press releases I’ve written, watch videos I’ve written the scripts for, etc. So I’m excited!

We’ve chosen the theme and the home page background photo. I’ve written all of the copy for each page.  I think I’ll be able to announce its URL and launch it this week…

The sub domain will have a blog on it, too, explaining (among other things) how to identify a great copywriter, why great content/copy  (including spelling, grammar and punctuation) matters, and other informational topics that help business owners and entrepreneurs make great hiring decisions.

This means, of course, that I’ll be dividing my rare, spare time between the blogs that each site requires.

I think that, instead of posting much more here, I’ll compile the info and offer my insights via affordable white papers, e-books and other venues so newbie copywriters can get a running head start and won’t be shooting yourselves and your clients in the foot while you’re climbing the learning curve and becoming more competent.

Small business is the backbone of our country and our economy. This is why I’m on a crusade to help business owners and newbie copywriters like you survive and thrive. But it won’t happen unless both parties understand what’s expected of them and actually deliver what they promise (or better):

“Under-promise and over-deliver” is what you should be shooting for!

You don’t create raving fans and loyalists by failing to measure up–or even by  measuring up. You’re in competition, so aim to thrill your clients/customers (and potential clients/customers) or you’ll always be end up standing outside the winner’s circle.

I hate to see small businesses failing left and right.But when I look at their marketing outreach, I can easily understand why they’re failing.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

The bottom line for copywriters: If you aren’t making your customers a helluva lot more money than you’re charging them (via ROI), please stop calling yourself a professional copywriter and admit what you really are: a newbie or a wannabe who must commit (or re-commit), with all deliberate speed, to getting measurably/decidedly better than you are right now

Are you IN… or out? Let me hear from you as soon as you read this if you’re IN. If I don’t hear from you, please cancel your subscription so I can tell who’s with me for the long haul and whether I should continue this copy writing-as-a-career blog.

Also let me know what you’d like to learn that I haven’t already covered here.  Those of you who are just arriving, start from blog #1 and read backward for the fastest way to get up-to-speed.