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My PITA Score Has Gone Up By One


Let’s hear it for my PITA (Pain In The A**) Radar!


In eleven years and well over 1500 clients, I have a total career score of just FOUR (4) PITA clients. I just “fired” the latest for being a bully and a “scope creep”  Creep.


And I notified the powers-that-be on the platform where we connected (Upwork–aka “Upchuck”, formerly Elance) to document what I did for her and what she then expected me to do (scope creep) for the same amount of money. I want to make sure they’re aware that she may (may!) be doing this to other providers, hoping she’ll get dumped so she can get away with not paying at all for the work she has them do.


I also sent her a notice that the words I wrote for her (in their unique configurations) are my intellectual property and that she needs to pay me for them if she plans to use them…and that I’ll be watching her website to be sure she isn’t using them without paying me for them.


I would so love to publish her name so you won’t run afoul of her shenanigans, but alas… that would be tacky and unprofessional. But I’m happy to give it to you. Just email me to get it. I don’t want other professional service providers to get bullied and treated by her the way I was for not agreeing to do her bidding without adequate compensation.


I think Trump has brought out the ogre in a lot of employers and clients. Since he can screw people and get away with it, they figure they ought to be able to, too.


Well, guess what?  I’m not the type to just bend over and take it. I’ll slap down anyone who tries, and I’ll report them, too!


I’m a real advocate when it comes to fighting injustice and unfair treatment–have you noticed?


Thought so!


PITA clients are usually identifiable up front


  • They’re unreasonably angry at some ethereal “other” (quite often the customers they want flocking to them!). Even in writing–in black and white–they’re demanding and uncharitable. “My customers should KNOW I’m the best thing since sliced bread. Isn’t it OBVIOUS?! Why aren’t they coming in?!!!”   (Any guesses why, sports fans, with an attitude like that?)
  • They’re impatient. They want your best/the best possible result, but they want it “yesterday”. They don’t have time to wait for exceptional results; they want your absolute best within hours (to save them money).
  • They’re stingy. They don’t want to pay what something is worth, let alone rush fees when they want it FAST!
  • They blame others for their failure to plan ahead. “This is an emergency!” usually means “I didn’t get around to doing this until just now and my deadline is two days from now, so now you have to hurry to keep my bacon out of the fire.”
  • Their project descriptions denigrate the other providers who have served them. “I tried getting this done already by a so-called writer, but they were ham-handed/useless/unskilled.” (Of course, they paid next to nothing to get it done the first time and don’t want to pay much more to get it fixed, and…. hello, you get what you pay for!!!  Hire a bargain basement writer, or pay bargain basement prices, and get bargain basement quality and results. It’s simple cause and effect!)

Originally published at yellowballoonpublications.com