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Let No Day Dawn is Galley Proof Ready!


I just got word from Amazon that my resurrected title, Let No Day Dawn that the Animals Cannot Share, is ready for me to look over and approve or tweak before it can go “live” for sale.  I’ve ordered a galley proof; it will be here in a few days.  I’m very excited. We added photos and some additional information at the end, but otherwise–except for the cover–it’s the same book; it will just be a whole lot less expensive, so I expect it’ll sell a lot better this time!

Cover design by DancingGoatWebDesign.com
Cover design by DancingGoatWebDesign.com

Here’s the new cover…


978-0692297902 (FutureWord Publishing)

And here’s a review from Amazon (for the original edition):

“I see other reviews here that talk about the poet’s obvious love for and experience with animals, and these come through profoundly in her writing. But I want to comment on the book’s literary value. If you have high standards for poetry, you’ll be delighted with what you find here. This isn’t just cheap verse – it’s quality stuff, with original imagery and compelling insights that make you look at animals in a fresh new way. I’m a former English teacher and expected this book to be a disappointment – another amateur’s attempt at poetry writing. But I was more than pleasantly surprised. This book has taken up permanent residence on my “favorites” bookshelf.”

R. Hoffman

So…are you IN?

It will be available to order on October 16th…no sooner. (I cancelled with the original publisher on September 16th and there is a 30-day waiting period before I can re-issue it.)

Floating Around Hollywood and Other Totally-True Tales of Triumph is also being re-issued so I can offer it for a lot less. It, too, should be ready to roll out on October 16th–and it will have additional photos, too, of most of the stars I rubbed shoulders with while in Hollywood. It’s a book of humor about being a floating secretary in Hollywood (the first half or three-quarters). The second part of the book (…and Other Totally-True Tales) is equally worthwhile…I promise!

The ISBN-13 # for FLOATING is 978-0692284452 (FutureWord Publishing

The holiday season is right around the corner, remember. Get copies for yourself and for your loved ones, won’t you?  If you email me, I will send you personalized stickers with an inscription in them so you can paste it into the book before you wrap it (or read it, if you’re buying copies for yourself…)   My email address is kristineMsmithATmsnDOTcom.


My Newest Book “Settle For Best” is on KINDLE Now…

My newest title is on Kindle now. The good news is that you don’t have to own a Kindle to get it; Amazon has a FREE Kindle reader that you can download.  Follow the URL below to order the Kindle edition:


But just a heads up. From February 1st to 5th in the U.S. and from February 2 to February 4th in the UK, you’ll be able to get the Kindle version for just .99 the first day, $1.99 the second day, $2.99 the third day, and so on until it reaches its regular price of $5.99, so if you can wait that long, please write these dates on your calendar right now and start your countdown–eighteen days to go!!

Let’s Get Social!

Breaking news…

As I type this blog entry, my power partner Lisa (check out her site at TacomaComputerTutor.com) is working in the background, under the cover of darkness, surreptitiously moving heaven and earth (or more precisely, fingers and keyboard) at warp factor wow to get more eye candy for your peepers. So hang in there; subscribe and keep coming back. (Lisa put additional widgets on this site yesterday so you can connect with me in more ways than one easily enough. The subscribe radio button is the first one you see in the upper left-hand corner beneath the SEARCH field. You probably know what the other ones are: FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +1, Pinterest and heaven only knows what else.)

And the best is yet to be: a page about my existing books (and a future title) in their various incarnations (soft cover or Kindle) with links to take you to the places where you can buy or pre-order them for yourself or as gifts for loved ones; and another page about the topics I can speak on with some degree of authority.  Other pages  will be along shortly, too.

After this site is completely rolled out, it will up to me to keep you engaged and informed (which is the scary part). Such a responsibility!

In other news…

Yesterday I completed a $450 project in a single day–hooray–after a week or more or financial famine. Last night I kicked off (minutely, just 100 minutes’ worth) the ghostwriting project I’ll be tackling for the next several weeks. Right now I’m on page three (or maybe the top or middle of page four). It is slated to be a $7500 project but  may not end up that way because I write faster than most writers (after decades of honing the craft). I estimated that a 35,000-word manuscript will take around three and a half weeks (at 20 hours/10,000 words per week/500 words per hour) but I think I’ll be able to deliver it sooner, so it might only be about $6000. We’ll see. I know the claimant (my client) will want to offer his insights and tweaks as we go along, so it might take the full time we’ve slated for it.  As a work in progress, one just never knows!  All I know for sure is that I’m enjoying it immensely. Not being able to claim it or put my name on it will be hard. I think it has the potential to sail pretty far up the charts and become “high profile”–perhaps even a bestseller. I sure hope so for my client’s sake and for any future work he may want to send my way if this title does go to the top in its niche! We’ll see!

One thing that I always try to do as a business owner and copywriting pro is underpromise and over-deliver. As a result, I’ve never missed a deadline or had to charge a dime more than I’ve told a client the price would be. I’d much rather give money back than have to ask for more–and so far (in seven years) I have only had to give money back; I’ve never had to ask for more unless the scope or parameters of a project changed to include more work.  So my “estimator” abilities are pretty good…

What else?  Are you curious about anything? What brought you to this page? (I didn’t twist your arm that hard, did I?)

Let me know what you want to hear or learn about. Engage!  Social media is SOCIAL, a two-way street.  And to get the ball rolling, tell me about the story (or book) that is in you that needs to come out. I’m all eyes!  (I’m only “all ears” when I’m with you on the phone.)

OR… alternately…

Let’s do something creative together. Maybe write a many-author poem. I’ll write the first line and you write the second one, then we’ll have someone else write the third one for a total of eight lines. That might be fun. Or not. Only one way to find out!

Here’s the first line:

When I woke up this morning…

(No cheating! “You were on my mind” has already been taken :)!)

If that one is too tough, you start one and I’ll write the next line…

Your turn!