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Hallelujah! The Copy is Done!

In one marathon session (okay, full disclosure here: in two half-marathon sessions) I was able to create all of the copy for the sub domain that I’ll be getting soon. The total word count is  5,637 words!   I went to bed at ten last night with Christmas Tree brain as a result–couldn’t get to sleep until after 1:30 because my creative synapses continued to fire for hours after I stopped.

That’s what happens when a Creative gets into the zone–we feed off the endorphins, I think! Maybe some neuroscientist can explain it better than that–I suppose–but that’s what it feels like to me: a natural “high” that gets fired by enthusiasm, joy and dedication to something that you know you need to do and that you love doing.

There haven’t been a bunch of projects for me to tackle for clients the past two weeks, so I thought I’d focus on my own needs while I can.  It doesn’t happen real often, so I capitalize on the opportunity when I can.

There was a time yesterday, though, when I got so involved with the copy for a client (for about an hour) that I totally spaced on a conference call that I was scheduled to dial in to. It was just awful!  When it occurred to me to look at my watch again, I had missed the appointment by 45 minutes.  I was apoplectic!

Thank God I was forgiven and given another appointment.  I was there on time…waited 15 minutes..waited 20 minutes… then realized I was having the same experience she had the day before with me!

I must say, I feel worlds better, as a result.  It’s nice to know we’re all human–and capable of spacing or getting waylaid in some other way!

In Other News…

I have a lot of DeForest Kelley archives. (Big surprise, huh? Not if you’ve read the appendix of Terry’s Rioux’s bio of De, it isn’t!!) Terry  tells me that Adam Nimoy, Leonard’s son, wants to have somebody to go through a lot of my stuff–convention videos, magazine articles, audios, etc.) and find anything that refers to De’s relating of the Spock/McCoy relationship. Terry said she would, so I’m going to be shipping a box of stuff to her sometime this week. She has been through most of it before, when she wrote De’s bio, but that was 15 years ago. So she’s the perfect person to do it. Plus I trust her with my treasures!

In exchange for sharing my archives, I’ll get credits at the end of the documentary that someone is making. Finally! My name up in lights!  Almost famous again! LOL!

IF YOU have anything  in your bag of tricks that can help Terry and Adam with this important project, please contact Terry Rioux. You can find and befriend her on Facebook.