My Services and Fees

For well-established corporations (cable news networks, entertainment conglomerates, etc.), I charge $250/hour. I have a sliding scale for smaller businesses staring at $100/hour if you can promise me (in writing, pay or play) at least six hours of work per week for at least one week.

I can usually write 350+ words  per hour from scratch. I charge $50/hour for reviewing your source materials before putting fingers to keyboard. (If the exact parameters of your project can be determined and locked into a contract, I can provide a fixed price for your project.)

If you’re an entrepreneur or a start-up, contact me directly from my Contact page and complete the Content Questionnaire which you can download from there so I’ll have everything I need to establish a fixed price for your project.

I also offer fixed rate prices to well-established businesses as long as you and I have a complete understanding of the scope/parameters of your project. A lot of clients prefer to work this way so they know what to expect as the final price. Works for me! In fact, I prefer to work on a fixed price basis; it just isn’t always possible.

Here are a few examples of my current rates for various pieces:

(These prices are for copy writing ONLY and include up to thirty minutes of review time of your source materials and up to fifteen minutes of back-and-forth communication time in case any is needed during the course of your project. There is NO CHARGE for the time it takes me to review the Content Questionnaire I provide to you. You can copy and paste it to a document from my CONTACT page.)

Tri-fold brochure copy, usually 300-500 words total:    $150.00 (copy writing only)

500 word free-form (not to template or SEO key terms) article:   $150.00 (copy writing only)

300 to 500-word feature article or web copy:      $150.00 (copy writing only)

One-page ad: $500 (copy writing only)

Sales letter (one page, approximately 250-300 words) $150 (copy writing only)

Newsletter  $150 (250 words) (copy writing only)

Press Release : $150 (up to 400 words) (copy writing only)

Video script: $80 per running minute (copy writing only)

Instruction Manual:  $100/hour (copy writing only)

Speech (20 minute): $2000.

Radio Commercial (30 seconds)  $80 (copy writing only)

TV Commercial (30 seconds) $150-$300 (copy writing only)

Consulting Services: $250/hour; $500/day  (If long-distance travel is required, include booking of flight, hotel lodging, food, and transportation. If shorter distance, within-driving-distance travel is required, add mileage at 58 cents per mile and $100 per hour of travel to and from location.)

Local speeches or teaching to 10 people  (minimum) for up to one hour: $200 ($20 per person) ; regional speeches (within driving distance) for 35 people or more for up to one hour ($20 per person): $700 plus mileage, meals and (if required) hotel costs. Farther afield for larger audiences: $2500 per diem, plus airfare and hotel.

Please contact me for quotes on projects that are larger or smaller than the ones listed above (e.g., complete websites, e-books, ghostwriting; taglines, slogans, AdWords copy, etc.).

Editing Rates

Editing rates depend on the quality of the existing documents. Some pieces require minor tweaking for line-by-line spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice and the like. Other pieces require extreme makeovers/total rewrites. So my rates segue from $35/hour (in line tweaking and copy-enhancement) to $100/hour (for complete rewrites).

Please Note: I also know exemplary graphics and promotional products professionals, logo creators, and web designers, so if you’re looking for more than a professional copywriter, I can recommend other reputable professionals to serve you, too.


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