My Ideal Client


My Ideal Client is …

  • Passionate about a benevolent cause (human, animal, the environment, helpful/healthy products/services, social justice issues)
  •  Driven to help others     
  • Insecure or unsure about his or her own writing or communications abilities because of unhappy experiences in school English, business communications, and other communications classes or because of ESL difficulties, dyslexia, etc.
  •  Too busy running a business to be involved in the day-to-day aspects of public outreach via written communications.
  •  In a nutshell, if I can get “drunk on your cork”—if you can make me as passionate about what you offer as you are, I can write great copy for you. If not, I’ll let you know so you can move on. I work well with other copywriters and can usually recommend someone else who works in your niche.

My Ideal Client has …

  • The ability to provide what I need to know about your target audience and about your USPs, credentials and sufficient source materials to make sure I have what I need to do a great job for you. (Please complete the Content Questionnaire you’ll find on my Contact page; it will give me 98% of what I need to know to establish a fixed price for your project and get underway for you)
  • Sufficient time and availability to be able to promptly (within 4 to 8 hours) answer lingering questions, concerns, or comments I have about the project I’m working on for you
  • The ability to pay promptly for what exemplary “evergreen” copy writing is worth based on long-term ROI     

Please Note: Industries I leave to other professional copywriters include include academic, aerospace, banking/ finance, entertainment, fashion/style, finance, human resources, insurance, IT, real estate, securities, and telecommunications  


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