It’s Happening!


The Face2Face groups that I belong to are just getting better and better. The attendees are all in for the right reasons. We’re getting to know each other and establish fond bonds.

Today at the Spanaway meeting I received an unexpected–and enormously pleasant–critique of my writing skills and the way I present myself.  From two people, not just one.  (I think maybe it was “Acknowledge Kris Day” because I was the only woman in attendance.)

Dennis Willis, the leader of this particular F2F group, told those in attendance about the first time he met me and what he thought immediately after sitting down for a brief one-to-one with me.

Paraphrasing: “I was so impressed by the way you presented yourself, by your confidence and your enthusiasm for what you do, and by the enormous value of the information and insights you shared in such a short time. I had no real idea what a copywriter does or about the many different ways you can help business owners.”

Then he said that when Bill Lee gave him a copy of my book (Settle for Best) to welcome him to the Face2Face team, he was expecting to read something that would be more or less academic but that he was delighted to discover how much fun and easy to read it was. “It was just like sitting across the table with you for a one-to-one!”

(Music to my ears! That’s exactly what I’m aiming for when I put fingers to keyboard–establishing a relationship, a fond bond!)

Next Bill Lee chimed in to say that he first ran across me in an online video several weeks before we met. Then, when he attended Face2Face, he mentioned to the person sitting next to him that he was looking for a good copywriter. The person he asked motioned in my direction and said, “That’s Kris. She’s a copywriter!”  As soon as he looked in my direction again, he recognized me as the person he’d seen in the video.

He told us (paraphrasing again), “I just didn’t connect the dots because in person you seem just like a regular person! On that video, you came across like a [Madison Avenue] professional!”

I laughed, and then worried a little, so he clarified (paraphrasing), “I mean, you come across as professional in person, too, but you also come across like a down-to-earth, friendly person!”

Now I’m wondering if I come across in a video like anything less than a down-to-earth, friendly person….

Gotta work on that some more, if I don’t!

Self-improvement never ends, does it?  But I’m okay with that.  I want to improve right up until shortly before they start shoveling dirt on me!





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