Happy New Year, Awesome New Website!

Drum Roll, Please!

I am so stoked about this new website I can hardly stand it. I want to thank Lisa Twining Taylor for looking over literally hundreds of templates and then trying out several of them with my copy and photos in them before settling on this one as the best avenue for  getting the word out about what I do.

Lisa has the patience of Job and is really learning her way around WordPress sites at warp speed. (Her persistence and the way she can pick up technical skills astounds me: I am primarily right-brained so people with well-developed left brains are a constant surprise and wonder to me .) If you need a WP site designed for the way you want or need to  do business, make Lisa your go-to gal, for sure. I’m putting my own reputation behind hers–right here right now–so if you trust my integrity and judgment, rest assured that you can trust her to do something equally great for you!

My other websites are  substandard affairs at best. For starters, they’re static and non-responsive. Kristinemsmith.biz ( my first-ever, Vistaprint-based site–the one I chose the template for and populated with my own copy) allows just five pages and only so many words per page before it starts misbehaving or requires more money for additional pages. Copywritercopywriting.net is SEO-based and was written at a time when I was straitjacketed by earlier SEO protocols that required keywords to appear in certain spots frequently-enough to be “seen” and ranked by search engines. (This was prior to last year’s Hummigbird algorithm roll-out, which makes SEO-based articles a lot more fun to write these days). Imagine what a time I had writing to the keyword phrase “copywriter copywriting”, which is the term my web developer  insisted on  using for the Home/Landing Page!  UGH!  I never liked what I came up with and think it probably drove people away. It would not have been my first choice for a home page but I usually defer to the experts.

That said, writing to that key phrase put me at #1 globally within a month. So … yes, you may ask if I’m able to retire as the result of being at the top of Page One results under “copywriter copywriting”? Or you may simply wonder if (or assume that) I’m rolling in dough because of it. All I have to say about your wondrous assumption is, “From your positively-wondrous brain to God’s ears!”  Except that I love what I do so  much, why would I ever retire until my faculties start to falter and I become a fumbler? I’m not going anywhere as long as I can hold up my end of the deal!

One thing Lisa noticed when she was working on this new site was that I’m darned easy to find on the ‘Net!  She says I’m so involved in all the ways I’m supposed to be (blogs, social media, articles, interviews, videos and more) that I’m in great shape “organically.”  She says she’s going to set up my Author/Authority Profile Google thingy so Google will place my photo and a brief bio into its search engine results when people look for any subject matter that I’ve written (or will ever write) that has my my byline on it.  (That will be interesting. I don’t even remember how many things I have written with my name on the byline on the ‘Net. I can’t wait to find out!) God bless her for offering! Because I looked over the directions to make this happen, planning to do it myself, and I ran screaming for the exits!  It’s a horrendous number of steps and a wee bit of programming (I think) to make it happen and “Dammit, Jim, I’m a writer not a …” whoever it is that does that kind of stuff! (This is why I have power partners: I write for them, they do left-brained stuff for me.)

Anyway, I’m glad you found me and my new site and blog. Please tell me how you found me so I can keep doing it reliably!  And please, please, please subscribe to this site (or bookmark it) so you can find it again. Now that I have you, I don’t want to lose you!!!

Happy New Year!

P.S. I’ll be slowly transferring some of my writing-related blog posts from almostfamousbydesfault.blogspot.com to this site. I’ll leave all (or most) DeForest Kelley and Star Trek-related posts at that site, as it’s well-named for the practice–and it has drawn (as of this writing) almost 100,000 views since it debuted several years ago, so I don’t want to let it (and them) go. Don’t know what I’ll do with the rest of the posts that are there–delete, move to an eclectic blog, or what… Only time will tell.

One frequently-active blog is probably plenty. Y’all are BUSY and so am I.  So I don’t want to add to the static. Instead, I want to help punch holes in the darkness. How can I help you?  Can I answer a question (beyond the FAQs I’ve already answered), offer insights, give you a hand with anything? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do to “Make it so!”


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