What should I expect to pay for a reputable professional copywriter?

Most professional copywriters charge one to three dollars per word (and up!). Go ahead and look up “professional writing rates” yourself to confirm this so you know I’m not blowing smoke.

But take a deep breath now and relax: I don’t charge anywhere near that much unless I’m writing for well-heeled corporations that can easily afford what great writing is worth. I serve start-ups and entrepreneurs for less (which is where my heart is). I charge just $100 per hour (this is my new, post-retirement rate, less than one-half of my old rate!)  and usually can write upward of 350 words per hour. I also can provide fixed price quotes as soon as I fully understand the parameters of your project and the source materials you’ll be sending me to make them happen for you.


What if I don’t feel competent to choose a copywriter because of my own shortcomings as a sales person/writer/grammarian/English speaker, etc?

You can ask a qualified friend, business partner or relative to look over your options and choose a copywriter to serve you. Or you can hire me (or another pro) to look over the candidates you’re interested in so you’re not taken in by a charlatan. Having a pro pick a pro is probably the best way to go if you don’t know someone else qualified to choose a quality writer from among the candidates you find (or from those who apply).

Do you offer independent research? No. My mission as your copywriter is to achieve your vision, not my own. And the Internet is a big place with what turns out, all too often, to have inaccurate and/or misleading information on it, so what I would find on my own might end up being bogus and you would end up spending money for wasted time. This is why I rely on my clients to vet and provide the source materials I’ll be using as I write their copy: they are the experts in their fields; they can discern the difference between reputable information and misleading malarkey. I can take it from there.

Do you write in all niches? No. Only hacks do that—and not very well, which is why they’re called “hacks” in the industry.

My Ideal Client is …

  • Passionate about a benevolent cause (human, animal, the environment, helpful/healthy products/services, social justice,  etc.)
  • Driven to help others, with the ability to pay what exemplary writing is worth based on long-term ROI     
  • Insecure or unsure about his or her own writing or communications abilities because of unhappy experiences in school English, business communications, and other communications classes or because of ESL difficulties, dyslexia, etc.
  • Too busy running a business to be involved in the day-to-day aspects of public outreach via written communications.

In a nutshell, if I can “get drunk on your cork”—if you can make me as passionate about what you offer as you are—I can write great copy for you. If not, I’ll let you know so you can move on. I work well with other copywriters and can usually recommend someone else who works in your niche.

Please Note: Industries I leave to other professional writers and editors include  academic, aerospace, banking/ finance, entertainment, fashion/style,  human resources, insurance, IT, real estate, securities, and telecommunications. But I know a number of professional copywriters who tackle the niches I don’t, and I can refer/recommend them to you.

Can you mirror an existing site without violating duplicate content and/or copyright issues? Yes. I can rewrite existing content to make sure it isn’t traceable to any other site. It takes some doing, but it’s do-able. (It’s usually easier, faster and less expensive for me to work from the Content Questionnaire I provide to each of my clients and their existing materials if they have brochures, bullet lists of their talking points, and know their USPs, what makes them the go-to-provider in their niche.)

Can you spin articles time after time and give me a lower rate because the information remains the same? No. I don’t offer article-spinning. I will rewrite an existing article once, perhaps twice, if I can find a way to do it that will be remarkable each time. But it will cost more for successive iterations, not less. My goal always is to write and present the best piece I can. If I’m asked to rewrite it numerous times, it can only get less good, and I don’t ever want my name going on shoddy copy (even if my name won’t be on it!).


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