Counting My Blessings: Angels All Around Me

Ya know, there are angels in my life. I’m not talking about heavenly angels here: I’m talking about earth angels.

Among them are Lisa Twining Taylor, Candace Thompson, Judson Forks, and Cleve Kingston. Also among them are Jim Westbrook, Ron Waterman, Brandon A. Cowles,  (three fellows I haven’t even met–in person–yet!).

There are more. Near and far.  But always as close to me as my heart.

The folks just mentioned always, always, always have my back. Sometimes they simply boost me when I’m feeling low. Sometimes they “viral sneeze” my stuff when I have an announcement, a campaign, or what-have-you. Sometimes they show up to lend a hand in other ways… in person or virtually.

Case in point (and I’m sorry I can’t  offer specifics because I’ve been sworn to secrecy; good people don’t advertise their angel wings):

A couple of people have come to my rescue recently in seriously significant ways. So this afternoon I’m just sitting here counting my blessings.

I hope you have the kind of friends I do. I sincerely do.  And I hope I will always be able show up to be the kind of friend when they need something, too…for as long as I live.

Thank you, my dear, dear friends, for everything you do that gives me a smile…or tears of gratitude. (Tears of gratitude have happened twice in just the past two days!)

I am truly blessed!!!


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