Content Questionnaire

Because I want to give you top-notch advice and great service, I need to know about your project/business. This questionnaire will help me do this. The more information you can give, the better. Be specific. Don’t guess. If you don’t know an answer, say so.

The questionnaire accomplishes five things:

  1. It lets me know about your product or service
  2. It lets me know what you’ve tried in the past
  3. I’ll learn about your customers and ideal customers
  4. I’ll be able to target your most likely and ideal prospects
  5. I’ll find out exactly what you expect from the service I’m providing to you

In a Nutshell

(Title of Company)

What do you do?

Business location:

Why should people choose you over your competitors?

Words that best describe your business:

About you:

How long have you been in operation?

Your values as a company:

Are you eco-friendly?


Your experience: 

Benefits of using your service:

What will customers get?

Do you have testimonials from satisfied customers that you can send me?


List, in categories, the different products/services you provide and some information on each.

Target Audience (Men? Women? Ages? Income Range? Career?):

Below are 9 profiling questions to help me get to know your main prospects (target audience) better. Do your best on these. The more information I get the better!

  1. What keeps them awake at night?
  2. What are they afraid of?
  3. What are they angry about? Who are they angry at?
  4. What are their top three daily frustrations?
  5. What trends are occurring/will occur in their businesses or lives?
  6. What do they secretly and ardently want most?
  7. Is there a built-in bias to the way they make decisions? (Example: Engineers are analytical; moms are emotional and protective)
  8. Do they have their own, business-specific language or jargon? If so, give examples of words and phrases used.
  9. Who else sells something similar to you and how?
  10. What websites do they visit?
  11. What magazines do they read?

Do you have secondary prospects? Are there enough secondary prospects to consider creating targeted copy version(s) that will appeal directly to them? If so, please apply the 9 profiling questions above to these prospects, too.

Primary goal for this project:

Are there any other goals would want to achieve with this project?

Is there anything about your product, company or service that lends credibility to a sales pitch? (Awards won; how long you’ve been in business, number of locations, testimonials, etc.) If you have testimonials, please include them here.

What product/service/cause will you be selling? Can you send me a product for evaluation?

What are all the features of your product/service? Don’t leave anything out… This one takes time but is well worth it!

What relevant facts or figures have been gathered about your product/service/cause? Have any studies been made that give facts and figures that will validate your claims? Is there an industry trade council that can provide you with meaningful facts, graphs, charts and statistics about your product? How does it compare to your competitor’s product?

What major benefits does your customer get from your product/service? (A feature is what your product/service does; a benefit is what your product/service does for your customer.) (Example: Smoke alarm. Feature: Shrieks at you when it detects smoke. Benefit: Gives you time to get out safely before fires overtakes a structure; keeps families/employees safe; provides peace of mind.)

What makes your product/service/cause unique? Why should your prospect choose you over your chief competitor? (This is your USP – Unique Selling Proposition).

What type of guarantee do you offer? (The stronger, the better!)

What level of support and service do you offer?

Please send me copies (as attachments to an email, if possible) of marketing pieces you already have (sales letters, ads, brochures, articles on your business, marketing plans, etc.)

I want you to sell me on your product/service. Pretend I’m sitting across from you right now and spell it out to me.

Do you have a list of feedback questions about your product/ service?  If you can provide them, that would be terrific.

What’s the price of your product?

How will you take orders? (Give details and phone numbers)

What magazines or publications will you advertise in?

What do you want me to create? A lead-generating ad? Complete sales letter? Please be clear.  (Example: If a brochure, how many sections/total words?  Who will provide copyright-free graphics? Can you send a design template?)

What’s your offer? What are you going to offer as incentive(s) to your prospects?

If web copy is wanted, what are the keywords/key phrases you want me to use for each page? (Please limit keywords/key phrases to one per 250 to 300-word page.)

What’s your sales process right now? How do you find prospects and then close a sale?  Please explain.

This is a BIG one.  In your opinion, why would your prospects not buy what you’re offering? List as many reasons as you can. (Price? Lack of trust in you or in the product?)

If yours is a mature market (weight loss, retirement living, etc.) what changes (if any) have occurred in the industry over the last five years?


Your Name & Title:


Address & Zip Code:


Email Address:

Thank you!

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