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Wild Child Presentation “Reviews”… *sigh*

Presentations are funny things. You never know exactly how they’re going to turn out or what (if any) lasting effect you’ll have on the audience. You prepare  and then simply hope for the best.

So when Candace Thompson introduced me with  a string of superlatives–including “world class”– I wanted to signal to her, “Oh, geez, woman–no pressure, right?!” Instead I said, “Wow!” loud enough that at least a couple of people heard it, including Candace! Then I prayed silently, “Help me live up to this introduction, please, God!”

The presentation went well enough. I’m always passionate about what I’m teaching, and today the people in attendance caught it themselves. They engaged big time. They asked insightful questions and sought out my help and opinion while writing their first drafts.. They all did a commendable job.  You’ll be able to see their 30-second commercials on Candace’s website ( real soon, from what I hear…

But it was the aftermath of today’s presentation that blew me away. Everyone in attendance contributed comments to a large-easel-sized “review/critique” of my presentation and demeanor/perceived assets, thanks to Candace Thompson (who instigated the idea of the easel exercise) and Kim Reams (Scribe-in-Chief) .

Here is the result…

Here's what the Wild Child Group blessed me with after my presentation today...
Here’s what the Wild Child Group blessed me with after my presentation today…

Thank you, thank you, thank you, all! You’ve blessed my socks off!


Cross-Eyed with Weariness

I’ve been editing and copy-enhancing a new 42,000-word manuscript for a second-time client, a pastor. It’s another good’un! The edited version went back to him this afternoon for his review and final look-see to see if it’s everything he wants it to be. I suspect we’ll be doing a little more tweaking.  I need to give it a rest for a week or so and then look at it again to see if I can tighten it some more. If I can, it’ll only get better.

I also edited and copy-enhanced (I should say “all but totally rewrote”) a “7 Crucial Questions” piece for another frequent client today. He is over the moon about the way it turned out.  I agree it’s worlds better than it was–and as good as I can make it.

I love it when I thrill clients. Exceeding expectations is always my aim. I’ve always met expectations, but when I exceed them I can levitate right off the ground!

My first Thumbtack client loved what I did for him, too (editing and copy-enhancement of his existing home and services pages). He wrote me a terrific review.  I need to cut and paste it into my Testimonials page here.  In fact, I’ve recently received six new rave reviews. I’m falling behind when it comes to updating my testimonials page!

Guess I’d better do that right now!




Why Hire a Professional Copywriter?


Thank you, Lisa Twining Taylor(Dancing Goat Web Design), for uploading my recent Rotary Speech (1-6-2015) to this website and to YouTube for me. Thank you, William Lee (Keeba and Lee Sales) for videotaping the presentation for me. It turned out great.

Clocking in at just under 17 minutes, the presentation  explains the added value of a hiring a professional copywriter. I was amazed to hear from people after the presentation that they had no idea of the additional insights and help that a professional writer can provide to help business owners and entrepreneurs take their outreach to the next level.

If you know of anyone else who might benefit from knowing this information, feel free to point them to this website or to my YouTube channel (WordWhisperer.NET). They will thank you for it… as I do!

P.S. My apologies that the video ends so abruptly, even though the presentation itself didn’t. There was an unwelcome interruption from an uninvited interloper (not a Rotary member, a Rotary member’s friend, or a friend of mine) at the point where Bill stopped videotaping. The videotaping wasn’t resumed after it occurred.

But you aren’t missing much.  Most of the things I covered occurred before the interruption happened. There were only a few additional follow-up questions. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what they were or I would list and answer them here for you.


UK Solicitor Delighted!

I just received the following email from the UK solicitor (one of John Assaraf’s business clients that I wrote two Special Reports for yesterday):

“This is superb. Great job! There are however a few points I would like to amend here and there  and I will do so over the weekend and highlight and return to you for Monday so you can make relevant changes.”

I suspect the changes she’s referring to are ones I suggested she consider when I submitted the drafts. Perhaps there are others, as well. But she’s Happy like Pharrel, so that makes my weekend complete!

And the best news for her is that I was able to make it all happen for her at 50% of the price I quoted because so much of both reports  could mirror each other. The intro to each report had to be utterly unique to address the pain points of the two target audiences she’s targeting but otherwise the reports were very nearly identical, so I was able to do them faster than had we needed completely unique copy on every page. So instead of paying $309, she’ll be paying just $150 for two special reports.

I love surprising clients with lower bills than they anticipate when I can make it work out that way. In this case, wow!  50% off is HUGE!  Usually I estimate within about 10% of the cost but, in this case, I got inspired and was able to almost “channel” the perfect presentations.  Then came the editing. All told, I was able to bring it in for a lot less than I thought I could.

It’s all good! She needs other copy work, too, so I suspect I’ll be tapped to do those pieces, too.

WOW! Have Nearly One Thousand Subscribers Now!

I just noticed that this blog has 929 subscribers. That’s amazing, when you consider that it debuted at the tail end of January this year.

I need to figure out how to send y’all a newsletter (Lisa Twining Taylor, HELP!)–although since you’re following this blog, you probably know all the news that’s fit to print MUCH FASTER than most of my comrades, except for one stellar bit that I will be announcing shortly… (Lisa told me to wait; she has something up her sleeve, methinks…)

I did write a Summer Newsletter but nearly everything in it is something you already know, and I hate boring you with same-ol’ same-ol’. The bit that isn’t already known to you, I’ll post now so you’re completely in the loop:

As you network locally and/or virtually, always be on the lookout for other entrepreneurs and business owners whose products or services reach the same target audiences you’re reaching. As long as you aren’t in direct competition, get to know each other better. If you feel good about the quality of their offerings, and they feel likewise about yours, think of ways to refer your customers to them when appropriate.
For example, I’m a copywriter. My power partners are website developers, marketing/graphics/promotional products companies and others who regularly need compelling copy.
Go thou and do likewise! Your power partners are out there somewhere!


On that note, if you know website developers, marketing/graphics/promotional products companies and others who need compelling copy, please send them my way!  My schedule isn’t quite as full as I’d like it to be at the moment, so there’s still room for short and medium-sizes projects. After August, all bets are off as to how available I’ll be because John Assaraf says things will pick up significantly after his next large event.  In fact, I was surprised to get two clients already from him: I didn’t expect anything at all until August, which is (suddenly) just a couple days over a month away!

If you need a copywriter, NOW is the time to grab me. Don’t wait! There is only one of me, and I never spread myself too thin because I want to make sure I do a great job for every individual I serve.

Who’s next? This coming week I’m slated to be fleshing out OR editing and copy-enhancing (if the copy is already well-fleshed and not just in a bullet list of talking points for each search term) website copy for a local attorney who picked up my brochure from someone else’s office at the beginning of last week.  I tried to steer this gentleman to a legal copywriter, but he says he wants me and will pass everything I do for him past the state bar association to make sure I don’t violate any advertising regulations. I’ve never written copy for an attorney before and I know they have to abide by strict guidelines because one of my  sisters is an attorney; she told me this.

The attorney insisted I’m the copywriter he wants because my brochure convinced him and because I was conscientious enough to try to steer him to a legal copywriter (even though I don’t know one that I can recommend, alas!). He said he knew I was the full meal deal because I tried to point him to a better solution than myself, which revealed my integrity. (In addition, it revealed my desire to make sure he got the best result without having to nursemaid me through the process.)

I’m not a starving copywriter. I know my limits and honor them. (Sometimes I limit myself unnecessarily until I get stretched by a new client who insists that I write for them, as in this case–and it’s far from the first time this has happened.)

But when he said he wants me anyway, I knew we’d be a stellar team. I will learn new things (as I did with the Aussie dentist and the UK immigration solicitor I served recently) and he won’t expect me to be a legal beagle; he’ll “vet” what I write so it makes sure to pass muster. Win-win!

I love win-win. It makes for happy clients (who write testimonials and recommend me to others) and for a happy me, who is working with transparency and  taking the results to the bank!


3 Case Studies: Browsers into Buyers

Mentally, I was just going through a list of my proudest “success stories” when it comes to writing web copy that turns  hard-to-convert browsers into buyers. Three of the most astounding (to me and  the clients I served) follow.

The first  was copy I wrote for a client in Israel who was launching a diet website. According to him,  diet industry conversions are notoriously anemic because 1.) there is so much competition in that niche and 2.) people who want lose weight bounce around a lot looking for some kind of “magic bullet” that helps them lose without having to make often-difficult lifestyle changes.

Despite this, my client was astounded to report that the copy I wrote was converting at a whopping 4.5%–an “astronomically-high rate” for the niche.  This gentleman has remained a steadfast client for the past five years as he segues from niche to niche in various self-help fields. And he just referred a colleague to me whose website copy needs to start converting browsers into buyers as reliably as the ones I wrote for him do.

In the next case, a data brokerage hired me to write a series of email letters to real estate professionals who had dropped their accounts with the firm. Although getting clients back was a shot-in-the-dark (especially since they admitted to me  that the fault had been their own, which is something I definitely needed to know to write  appropriate copy for them) they reported back that the emails had been sent to 2,000 real estate professionals.  Of those, 200 (10%) were opened, and five (5) converted.   They did this two more times  (follow-up letters to the remaining real estate professionals) and achieved the same results each time. My client wrote, “My Marketing Consultant was very impressed.” 

Apparently, it’s rare-as-hens-teeth to recover disgruntled former clients. I wasn’t particularly impressed at the time they told me this–I simply didn’t know enough about what a good conversion rate would be in cases like this–except that I was surprised and delighted to know that eventually fully 30% of the people emailed had actually opened and read them. And since they got back 5 clients for every 200 who did bother to open them, that’s a downright impressive percentage.

The recovery of this many clients was certainly worth far more than the price they paid to have me write the letters! I’d be embarrassed to tell you how little I charged them for this service back then. It’s no small wonder so few potential clients even gave me a second glance, as little as I was charging! Countless business owners and entrepreneurs must have slipped away thinking, “This gal must be a novice or a hobbyist to be charging these anemic prices. I need a pro, not a pretender!”

Finally, if you’ve been following me a while, you’ve already spotted the “static/permanent” testimonial on the home page of this blog, the one that says a client in Southern California made a $2500 sale from the copy I’d written for her on the first day she posted it. Heaven only knows how many more times this has happened for her since then, but the price she paid me to have this happen was all of $220.  (Yes, I should have charged more. With document-able results like these, I charge more now, boy howdy!!)

I will be reviewing my “storied past” as a copywriter to glean a few more case studies. Just thought I should start with these because they show what I can do with hard-to-convert clients. I must have an even higher conversion rate when it comes to compelling people  who aren’t skeptics! Alas, too few clients ever get back to me with their conversion rates for the copy I write for them. This is either because they don’t think I’d love to know or because they think if they tell me their conversion rates, I’ll charge them more.

Well that ploy is moot. These says, I’m charging more whether they divulge my conversions rates or not. I’ve figured it out, finally: I’m darned good at what I do!  (blush…toe in rug.) There, I’ve said it aloud.

Loud and proud.

And humbled and grateful and thankful.

It has been a long, long road to get this far and this good…

Everything worth pursuing as a career takes time to bloom into its fullest splendor. Copy writing is no different…




Cranio-Sacral Therapy “Birth Work” Works Wonders!

Today I enjoyed my fifth (or was it sixth) CST session at Body Beautiful Skin Care and Massage. When I got on the table, Debbie promptly informed me that I was AWOL from my body.

What she meant was that I was “otherwise occupied”, not fully present. I agreed–there was a lot on my plate today, four different appointments–but I hadn’t actually noticed that I’d pretty much abandoned my body as a result. I felt present: I love climbing on that table and relaxing. I always look forward to it, so I thought I was present. But after a few minutes she gave up on reclaiming my body from a table position and said, “We need to do some floor work.”

Floor work? That didn’t sound like much fun! I was happy on the table with a pillow under my knees and a blanket over my body up to my chin! But being an amenable client, I got off the table.

Debbie cleared the floor by pushing the table out of the way, put  down a blanket, and then directed, “Get on the floor with your knees bent and the bottom of your feet up against the wall. On whichever side you feel most comfortable.”

I did that. “No pillow?” I asked.

“No pillow. We’re going to do some birth work.”

(“Birth work?” I pondered)

So as I lay there with my neck feeling far too long and unsupported, she put her hands atop my head and pushed my head and body toward the wall–not a lot, just enough to re-create the “womb-like” effect (a somewhat-scrunched fetal position).

After about a minute she said, “When you want to be born, start pushing against the wall with your feet.”

I didn’t push for quite a long time. Didn’t want to. At all.

Finally–because I knew she was waiting for me to start pushing–I asked, “What if I don’t want to be born?”

She responded, “Good noticing. Why don’t you want to be born?”

I responded thoughtfully/mindfully. “Gosh, I’m not sure.  It’s safe and warm in here. It’s scary out there–very cold, too bright, too much scrutiny.”

After a second, I added, “I might be a disappointment when I arrive. Parents have such high expectations of their unborn children.”

I  remembered something then and laughed a little as I told Debbie, “I actually wrote a comedy routine about this very thing once. I said in it that as I was lying in utero, I knew I’d be a disappointment because my dad kept talking to my mom’s belly as if I were  a son. It was all about not feeling I measured up from the moment I arrived. It was very funny, in a sad sort of way. Most comedy is.”

She asked, ”  Now tell me the reasons why  you might want to be born.”

I had  rapid-fire answers to that one! “To contribute. To make a difference. To encourage people not to let the naysayers get you down. To remind them why they’re here. To help re-kindle their spark. To remind them that we’re only here for a short time and to start living as if no one else’s opinions matter–within reason and civilized parameters, of course!” She laughed.

She said, “Go ahead and sit up. How do you feel now?”

I was surprised to admit, “Lighter. Happier. Much better!”

She said, “You’ve just given birth to who you really are. Let’s get back on the table now to acknowledge and release the memories  you’ve carried around your whole life and the stories you’ve accepted about yourself that aren’t true.”

I realized then that she was absolutely right. I was exhausted from the stories I told myself that  kept me feeling as though I didn’t ‘measure up’; the ones that kept me from doing what I came here to do for such a long time! I’m doing what I came here to do NOW, but I did need to acknowledge and grieve the time I feel I lost by second-guessing my worth and value for more than five decades.

Then again, the time wasn’t actually lost.  My background has prepared me to be inspirational and an encouragement to others. If I hadn’t felt this sense of somehow “lacking” for much of my life, I would never have recognized the imperishable, undeniable seed that animates me and keeps me pushing up against the darkness into the light of a new dawn like a flower or an acorn that simply must become a tree!

Cranio-sacral therapy is progressive. No two sessions are ever alike. I’m always growing into my unique truth. It’s eye-opening and edifying. It’s magical. It’s fabulous, safe and liberating. I love it!

Disclaimer: Cranio-sacral is very individual. Each person experiences it differently–uniquely, as no two clients have the same lives or experiences–and is guided by their own internal wisdom. What you discover is never forced. It is a quiet, serene unfolding, a re-awakening of the essential you, the person you were when you entered the world and before it began taking swings at you.



I’ll Be Writing a Brochure for Body Beautiful Skin Care and Massage

Debbie has received so many great comments on the web pages I wrote for her at that she is going to have me write her brochure, too. So far at her website I’ve written the Home, About/Bio, About Craniosacral, Waxing, and Heroes pages. The others are works-in-progress from the site she lost but the basic information is there.

I’m doing the brochure copy in exchange for additional sessions of cranio-sacral therapy. I simply cannot get over how wonderful it makes me feel, how long it lasts, and how it has helped me “unwind” and become more relaxed and peaceful in just four sessions.

The kicker is that I didn’t even think I needed CST, but there isn’t a person on the planet who can’t benefit from it, especially if you happen to live in the Tacoma area and can get to Debbie’s office across the street from the Liberty Theater.  I can’t vouch for all CS therapists, but I’ll put my own name and reputation behind Debbie!  *sigh*  She is fabulous! is Primo

Thank you, Lisa Twining Taylor (my power partner and the creator of the website you’re on now; see other examples of her amazing websites at for sending me the following direct link to one of copyblogger’s best “reminder pages” about the mistakes freelance writers (and other freelancers) make.

It’s definitely a good’un to read.  And hey, if you aren’t already subscribed to, you should be. It’s free and they offer tons of insights. Make them a regular on your “Visit” list to glean additional information about writing copy and the business end of making it as a freelancer. You’ll be glad you did.

New Copywriting Example

The following URL will take you to a new copywriting example I created. The site is still in progress (as of this writing) design-wise and copy writing-wise, but I want to point you to it now (you get a sneak preview!) because I wrote  the copy on the Home, Heroes, What is Craniosacral Therapy and About pages and the business owner just emailed me tonight to say that she is getting lots of compliments on the writing on her site. So here you go!

Let me know what you think, too. And if you know of people in the Tacoma/Puyallup/Sumner/Bonney Lake/Lakewood area and surrounding burgs who might benefit from the services offered at this site, please feel free to share the website URL with them. There are countless First Responders (multiple military bases, fire fighters, EMTS, police, utilities linemen, and others) who may well benefit mightily from being pointed to the site.  If you know any of them, please do share this URL!  You may be pointing them to the help that they (or someone they know) needs! Thanks a lot!