Let No Day Dawn That the Animals Cannot Share

Let No Day Dawn That the Animals Cannot Share
Genres: Inspirational, Poetry
ASIN: 0692297901
ISBN: 9780692297902
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Let No Day Dawn that the Animals Cannot Share spotlights human kind’s deeply rooted emotional, cultural, ethical and spiritual bonds to the animal kingdom, wild and domestic, and identifies areas in which we have fallen short of our stewardship duties for scores of precious and irreplaceable fellow creatures. An additional treat follows the poetry. The author has been an animal behaviorist, trainer, caretaker and advocate for decades and shares her most humorous and poignant tales from these intensely rewarding inter-species interactions. Enhancing the volume to a point of utter magnificence are illustrations by Emese Dian, a talent new to the art world whose love of her subjects is evident in her renditions. Each drawing carries the very essence of her subject, breathing life onto two-dimensional pages.

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