Bike Is In the Shop

While my bike is at Sports Authority getting a new tire tube and tune-up, I’ll be riding Jackie’s bike. I took hers to Orting today, first thing this morning, because it was slated to be so HOT here this afternoon–near 90 degrees. And it is. I’m happy to be indoors right now! The chickens are wandering around with their wings extended from their bodies a little. THEY think it’s too hot, too…

I did a little editing/copy-enhancement work for one of John’s clients this afternoon–tweaked an ad she wrote to make it postcard size for an event she’ll be speaking at this weekend. SHE LOVES IT!!!

Heard from the attorney. He’s mailing me a check today and says there will be a few tweaks, but nothing major. Super!

Our grape arbor is in full bloom, so I’m enjoying peanut butter and grape sandwiches–and the chickens are getting some grapes, too.  Our plum tree is also in full bloom so we’re giving some of those away.  Our newest chickens are laying eggs, too, so it definitely feels like Harvest Time around here right now!

Lisa and I are going to try to find some Nigerian Drawf goats that need homes. I want to get two or three as soon as possible without paying an arm and a leg for them. Lisa says in October on the east side of the Cascades goat farmers practically give away their goats so they don’t have to feed them all winter, so we might look into an animal auction and drive over there in my SUV and get a couple goats (or three) then, if we can’t find ones needing homes before then right around Tacoma.  Know anyone with freebie small breed goats –Nigerian Dwarf or Pygmy? Females, ideally, wethers if not? Let me know!





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