10 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Copywriter

  1. Are they native speakers and writers in the language your target audience speaks?
  2. Have they proven ability to tackle topics in your niche?
  3. Do their existing portfolios impress you?
  4. Do they have a content questionnaire to send you to write down your wisdom and insights with regard to their target audience, USPs and and other necessary pieces of the copy writing puzzle ?
  5. Do they listen carefully to your vision for the project you have in mind?
  6. Do they have associates in other disciplines (web design, graphics, marketing, promotional products, etc.) that they can refer to you with utmost confidence?
  7. How long have they been writing professionally?
  8. Can they explain the difference between online and off-line sales communications?
  9. Does the existing copy they’ve written engage and impress you?
  10. Is the writing they produce (spelling, grammar, punctuation) 100% correct?


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